A program designed to ensure that every Scout gets the most he can out of the Royaneh program. Scouts participate in this program by doing activities in a variety of program areas. The participation requirements become more difficult as the Scouts get older. A Scout who completes the requirements for his year will be awarded a special neckerchief. Scouts can only earn this prestigious award once a year. First year Scouts who have completed all first year requirements will be recognized at a special first year campfire Thursday night. All other Scouts will be recognized at the closing campfire Friday night. Scouts who earn the award should also stop by the Trading Post to pick up a certificate and sign the permanent scroll of Thunderbird Trail recipients. Scoutmasters will be asked to stop by the Trading Post and reimburse the camp for the award’s cost, as he would for a merit badge or other emblem.

Trail of the Thunderbird

Camp Royaneh Established 1925, San Francisco Council
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FIRST YEAR (DO SEVEN OF THE FOLLOWING): 1 . Take a swim check 2 . Make a handicraft project 3 . Earn Totin’ Chip 4 . Make a Mountain Man craft 5 . Shoot Archery 6 . Shoot at the Rifle Range 7 . Go on a trail ride 8 . Be a waiter 9 . Earn Swimming MB or go to swim instruction 1 0 . Attend 1st year Nature activity 1 1 . Work on a rank at Baden Powell SECOND YEAR (DO SEVEN OF THE FOLLOWING): 1 . Take a swim check 2 . Earn Firem’n Chit 3 . Throw a tomahawk 4 . Help feed at the Nature Glen 5 . Shoot Archery 6 . Groom, feed and water a horse 7 . Shoot for score at the Rifle Range 8 . Be a waiter 9 . Pick up 20 pieces of litter and bring to trading post 1 0 . Demonstrate the 8 basic knots to the Scoutcraft staff THIRD YEAR (DO SEVEN OF THE FOLLOWING): 1 . Take a swim check 2 . Be a waiter 3 . Take part in a Scoutcraft project 4 . Feed horses morning and night or help with barn chores 5 . Make some loom beadwork 6 . Earn Rifle or Archery Merit Badge 7 . Help with a Conservation Project 8 . Participate in C.O.P.E. 9 . Help a Scout with 1st Class skills FOURTH YEAR (DO SEVEN OF THE FOLLOWING): 1 . Take a swim check 2 . Be a waiter 3 . Complete a Cairn Hike 4 . Earn Horsemanship MB, or go on an outpost or breakfast ride 5 . Shoot black powder 6 . Shoot a shotgun 7 . Earn Paul Bunyan Award or help raise a pioneering project 8 . Help lead a troop campfire 9 . Participate in C.O.P.E. COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING MANDATORY ITEM: 1 0 . Complete a service project given by the Program Director or Commissioner Refer to the current Leader’s Guides for times or costs on all activities.