Trains to Royaneh: In March of 1886, the North Pacific Coast railway (later the Northwestern Pacific) extended its rail line from the Russian river town of Duncan Mills eight miles north to the town of Cazadero.  This line extension was used to take advantage of the extensive redwood timber stands along Austin Creek that were owned by the railroad directors at the time.  The rail line was narrow gauge (three feet wide between rails) and for the most part traveled up the west side of Austin creek while making a few necessary creek crossings between the current entrance to Camp Royaneh and the town of Cazadero. In 1926, the narrow gauge line used by the Scouts for both Royaneh as well as the earlier training camp at Elim grove was converted over to Standard gauge (4’  8.5”).  With the opening of the standard gauge in 1926 new business came to the Cazadero line in the form of special summer trains to Camp Royaneh.  Specials ran all summer long with Northwestern Pacific train 222 and engine #20 (a 4-4-0 steam engine) doing most of the business for the Scouts.  The Rodgers Locomotive and Machine Works Company of New Jersey built the Northwestern Pacific steam engine Number 20 in 1884.  The engine had four 62” drive wheels, 18×24 cylinders and a weight of 93,800 lb. The distance from Sausalito to the Camp Royaneh stop was approximately 77 miles.  The trains to Camp Royaneh and Cazadero ran for ten years until 1936.  In 1936 due to low rider ship and freight movement, the entire line to Guerneville, Duncan Mills, Cazadero and beyond was removed from service.  Engine number 20 which had served the Royaneh Scouts for many years was scrapped in 1936 after closure of the line. Sonoma Magnesite Railway: In 1914 the Sonoma Magnesite Company built a 24” gauge railway from the narrow gauge junction at the Watson station (where the Old Cazadero Highway and Austin Creek meet) 12 miles up East Austin Creek to their processing plant and then another 3 miles to their mine.  Magnesite is a mineral used to produce slag in the steel making furnaces.  The line operated from 1914 until 1918 and used a small 0-4-0 steam engine to pull its flat cars.  This line was discontinued shortly after World War I due to the high cost of transporting the ore.    Although the Sonoma Magnesite line was never active once the Scouts took possession of Camp Royaneh, the tracks through the Scout property and along East Austin creek remained in place until 1937 when they were removed.  A section of the 24” gauge Magnesite right-of- way can still be found at Royaneh where the “Narrow Gauge” Cairn is located.  Rumor has it that the remains of the 0-4-0 locomotive are still located somewhere up East Austin creek.  In the 1970’s some train buffs using a metal detector were able to dig up a few hundred rail connectors that were used on this small rail line, which were used in the construction of the Tilden Park miniature railway in Berkeley.

Camp History (Continued)

Camp Royaneh Established 1925, San Francisco Council
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Roya-Neh For Ever (by Marvin Landfield, c 1927): Official Camp Roya-Neh song - sung to the tune of Stars and Strips Forever. Three cheers for Camp Royaneh It is our greatest endeavor Its name, its victories, its fame Will be known from coast to coast. You can search anyplace, anywhere By no other camp can compare with Our own dear Camp Roy-Neh That with our boys and all our joys We have a standard. Dear Royaneh (words by Oscar Kirkham, c 1946): Dear Royaneh, with friendships ever new Dear Royaneh, to thee we’ll e’ver be true We’ll ever cherish Thy stalwart old redwoods Dear Royaneh, to thee we’ll be true Camp Royaneh: Camp Royaneh! You’re the camp for me Here we very proudly say Its the place were we always want to be Its the best in the west And our standards will be the tops in every way So three cheers for Camp Rah, Rah, Rah For Camp Royaneh
R-o-y-aneh: R-o-y aneh as anybody can see Royaneh days are heavenly days Its the camp for me. Hey!